Housing Justice

Enact legislation to protect tenants by enstating rent-control programs, mandate affordable and workforce units in new development, and spur creation of new affordable housing on underutilized city properties.

Community-Centered Growth

Update the city’s 1968 master plan through a community-driven, participatory process to ensure that development benefits us all and provides residents with quality job opportunities.

Open Government

Ensure local government is transparent, unbiased, accessible and responsive to all residents  by instituting an interdepartmental language access policy, and providing greater access to services and town halls.

Safe, Accessible Streets

Create a truly multimodal city that prioritizes walking, biking and other ways to get around in an environmentally-friendly and safe way for all ages and abilities.

Police Reform

Review and reinvest police budget and resources into community programs to create the conditions that prevent crime and address crises with dignity instead of criminalization. This includes using existing personnel vacancies to hire mental health counselors and working to decrease the likelihood of police intervention overall.


Prioritize sustainability across all city departments and policies by achieving Climate Smart Community status, making the city eligible for State and Federal funding to reduce the burdens on taxpayers, and by standardizing environmental impact as a measure for smart development.